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«Transkonstrukt»  Ltd. – is one of the branch establishments of the Austrian company Transconstruct Handels- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H. (leading supplier of commercial vehicles to Eastern European countries with offices in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria).
The Austrian company Transconstruct GmbH started its activities in Ukraine in 2005, when the market of commercial vehicles grew rapidly and our Ukrainian customers started to prefer high-quality and reliable commercial vehicles of European production because of good investment for the future. With its portfolio of complete range of quality products to offer to Ukrainian customers, Transconstruct GmbH very quickly occupied its niche, becoming an active participant of commercial vehicle's market and began with deliveries on EXW basis.

To meet growing customer's demand and supply of custom cleared equipment Ukrainian company was registered, which from the very beginning of its foundation, namely from June 2006, is dealing with supplying of trailers and semi-trailers to the Ukrainian market.
Nowdays "Transkonstrukt" Ltd is the authorized representative of some European brands and supplies to the Ukrainian market commercial vehicles from leading European manufacturers, namely:

  • bulk bodies, trailers and semi trailers OMEPS;
  • fuel tank bodies, trailers and semi trailers Willig;
  • tank vehicles for gases transport OMSP Macola;
  • tank bodies, trailers and semi trailers for liquid food products and chemicals Romex;
  • tipper bodes, trailers and semi trailers Carnehl;
  • reefer bodies, trailers and semitrailers Chereau;
  • low loaders DOLL and Demarko for oversize cargo transport;
  • vehicles for broilers and day-old-chickens transport Ravenhorst;
  • aircraft refuellers  Rohr;
  • tank vehicles and containers for gases and liquids Gofa and other special equipment. 

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