Historical heritage and achievements of Carnehl

The German enterprise CARNEHL Fahrzeugbau GMBH & Co. KG with 55 years of successful experience in the industry of commercial vehicles production is one of the leading players in this market, supplying about 3000 units of vehicles every year. First of all the company specializes in the manufacturing of all types of tippers, also supplies container vehicles, walking floor semitrailers and other special semitrailers based on the individual customer inquiries.

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Production percent of Carnehl in the German market makes approx. 13% and, as a result, takes the second place. More than 60% of products are exported to dozens of countries outside of Germany.

Company Carnehl Fahrzeugbau GMBH & Co. KG was founded in 1957 in Pattensen and started as a small workshop. Currently, the company has production plants also in Wittstock/Dosse near Brandenburg. In the main office and in the production about 220 employees are engaged in design, development, manufacture and sales of commercial vehicles. Thanks to the expansion of production in Pattensen from 2014, the company is able to provide ever-increasing demand for the products of the brand Carnehl.

One of the most important landmark in the development of the enterprise was the invention in 1994, together with the Swedish steel company SSAB Europe's first tipper body with half-pipe of high strength steel HARDOX. Mass production of these bodies began in 1996. The body Carnehl was 1,000 kg more light from the normal, which provided an opportunity for the buyer to transport one ton more of payload each run! It is not surprising that such bodies very quickly and successfully recommended themselves on the world market.

Key benefits of brand Carnehl

  • A strong competitive advantage of Carnehl vehicles is a modular design, so that every semitrailer can be assembled according to individual requirements and wishes of the customer.
  • Carnehl vehicles are specified as long service life vehicles. The company does not compromise on quality questions. Only components of German production are used, in particular, brake system WABCO. Air springs with a diameter of 360 mm on reinforced brackets, steel springs of increased length and width are used; mounting pins of shock- absorbers have a diameter of 8 mm, etc.
  • Actually company Carnehl invests considerable funds in research and development activities in the creation of innovative production technologies.
  • Using of steel HARDOX by Carnehl makes it possible to reduce the empty weight of vehicle and a significant increase in the structural strength. The bottom of half-pipe body is lowered by 60 mm below the upper edge of the frame side members, thereby the body strength and capacity are increased, center of gravity is lowered, overall height is reduced and road performance of the vehicle get better. Between half-pipe body and side members are rubber gaskets of 15 mm thick, which protect the body from shock and vibration from the chassis side.

CARNEHL builds

  • tipper bodies
  • tipper semitrailers
  • half-pipe tipper semitrailers in Hardox
  • half-pipe tipper semitrailers in Aluminium
  • high-volume tipper semitrailers
  • tipper semitrailers with box bodies
  • walking floor semitrailers