Historical heritage and achievements of Chereau

In the 1950s, a recognized and inventive coachbuilder, Jean Chereau developed the first vehicles designed specifically for the transportation of perishable foodstuffs from the heart of the European food industry in western France.
Meat, dairy produce and vegetables all needed to be transported from their place of production to national and international markets as quickly as possible and in compliance with ever more demanding hygiene requirements.
Chereau rapidly came to the fore by offering first insulated and later refrigerated vehicles, always anticipating new administrative regulations and freighters' requirements.
Right from the outset, the company has remained true to its original approach; refusing to second the production of innovative and high quality equipment to corporate development. Brand Chereau has been approved and appreciated by thousands of controlled-temperature transportation professionals, including the most demanding, the largest and the most specialized. It was these users that gave the name Chereau its renowned status.

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Whatever the dimensions and function of a vehicle, Chereau's production is always based on the same process in which both the materials used and assembly methods are rigorously tested. Chereau is the only manufacturer capable of offering a product range of such a scale accompanied by a guarantee of personalization for each client.

A Chereau semi trailer bodywork with a Chereau frame is the most frequent choice amongst our clients. Such a combination guarantees absolute homogeneity of construction as well as approved conformity throughout Europe. Employing the same principle of free choice, customer is able to choose from amongst over 800 alternatives to select his own rolling gear, refrigeration system and equipment as well as various optional extras, thus securing optimal configuration of his vehicle.
The fundamental value of Jean CHEREAU S.A.S. rests on the caliber of those involved in the design, production and distribution of its equipment.
It is their skills, pride in the work they do and the desire to secure customer satisfaction every time which characterize the wealth of the company's human resources.
Essential for mastering his specialty, each worker sustains a keen interest in and remains abreast of new trends in the field of his clientele.

Indeed, openness to innovation which is particular to Chereau stems largely from this phenomenon. Distribution of the Chereau brand is carried out through a technical/commercial network covering the whole of Europe; from its factory which produces for the French market and with the participation of experienced partners in other countries.  In order to offer an optimal sales service, Chereau provides a recommendation according to individual needs, producing a completely transparent offer based on elements selected from a whole range of solutions.

A proprietary production process for proprietary goods. Continuous investment has secured an exceptional rate of industrialization in the refrigerated vehicle sector, constantly aiming at achieving the highest possible degree of vehicle personalization: industrial tailor-made products. Concentrated within the same industrial group, the 49 000m² of workshops and their associated services are now nearing industrial excellence, amongst others, in the fields of development and custom production tooling.

This particularity explains in part why no other vehicle is like a Chereau. Starting with exterior appearance, the body of a CHEREAU vehicle exudes superior quality; the result of a unique industrialized casting technique. This method, applied in the production of polyester sandwich    bodywork    panels, provides an exceptional rate of insulation durability, accompanied by ease of repair.

The use of polyurethane foams which are HCFC free goes far beyond meeting legal requirements,  conforming  with the active environmental protection measures applied to the    whole    of    CHEREAU's production. The white of the sides is flawless, as paint is applied by soaking, prior to mounting. Another structural feature of CHEREAU bodywork is that each component is subject to thorough research, used to select the most durable material available on the market.
One example is the floor in CHEREAU vehicles which is covered with a single panel of Scandinavian birch in order to secure unequalled solidity of our floors.
No part of CHEREAU's unequalled reliability is down to chance.

Key benefits of brand Chereau

  • Chereau offers to the clients quite individual selection of the vehicles.
  • Chereau produces chassis, bodies, supplies refrigerating equipment and offers more than 800 names of accessories, in such manner having the opportunity to meet all the needs of the client to get the desired products.
  • Production methods, specific characteristics and product quality of Chereau provide reliability, durability and high cooling ability of vehicles. 95% of the bodies that receive an updated ATP certificate after 12 years of operation, are bodies of brand Chereau!!!
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to constant environmental changes and customer needs. Company Chereau allows to create the optimized cooling space thanks to use of sliding bulkheads for multi-temperature, longitudinal partitions to create some compartments, double deck and so on.
  • Dynamics of continuous innovations to predict the customer expectations and market evolution trends.
  • Proper maintenance - rapid response to clients' requests from inquiry to the moment of product delivery, after-sales service providing and maintenance service all around Europe.
  • The professionals and team-oriented staff of Chereau, where every employee is an undoubted expert in his field of activities. The best qualified specialists and scientists are engaged in the vehicle's manufacturing process Chereau, as well as various support groups for scientific research, production, quality control, product sales in Europe and so on.
  • Isothermal properties, which have no equal in the market. Tests for temperature maintaining (when refrigeration unit is switched off) showed higher timing data: at least 15% higher than in the rest of vehicles, which are on the market. Such heat-insulating characteristics lead to saving about 15% in operating of refrigeration unit.
  • Reduction of operating costs. The average annual cost for semitrailers with body Chereau INOGAM operating - the lowest on the market (the average budget for maintenance: body, chassis and refrigeration unit). Reduced operating time of the refrigeration unit allows to provide average saving of fuel consumption in the volume of 850 liters per year, and to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.
  • High level of product quality. The process of assembling and body components combination are oriented to maximum mechanical strength, optimal sealing and thermal bridges absence.
  • The unique features of products: - wheel track 2100 mm by semi-trailers (tilt limit + 3%); - suspension of the manufacturer's design; - aluminium corners 6,5 mm; - bottom / solid plywood 20 mm; - ceiling lights 24 lux; - one-piece side panels with closed edges; - handle are opened directly; - the ability to maintain the temperature at 25% higher than by competitors; - high sales price; - the system of protection of the rear bumper Bumper-C.
  • Reefer body Inogam is currently the most advanced piece of equipment in its category on the market. With a fleet of more than 500 variants of equipment and components, refrigerated body INOGAM offers many possibilities of combinations: the refrigerator with one, two or three temperature regimes, with usual and multi-level loading, with a door or with a shutter.
With INOGAM body you get the equipment that fully meets your needs today, and at the same time you have always the possibility of its reequipment by changing of your needs. It gives you confidence in its optimum operating capacity, both today and in the future.
Reefer body INOGAM is available in versions for all types of vehicles: 1-, 2- or 3-axle semitrailers, trailers and trucks; for various purposes and sizes - for road transport (transport of meat, flowers, medicines, etc.) or mixed type of transportation (ferry and road, rail and automobile, etc.).

Body INOGAM from CHEREAU as a quality status of refrigerated transport

Characteristic property of body INOGAM:
1. A non-distortable rear wall framework.
 Made entirely of stainless steel, the rear quarter panel benefits from a special surface treatment. It is reinforced by a fine enveloping sill, which makes the body not only more rigid, but also invulnerable to transpallet fork impacts. The quarter panel pillars are extruded with a solid profile under the first hinge and in a "handle" shape on the upper part. The total absence of rivets in the final assembly removes any risk of infiltration or thermal bridge. The assembly has a modular design, which facilitates maintenance and repairs.

  2. Four levels of external defense.
Made up of metal rollers assembled on a damping device that is interdependent with the chassis, the "Bumper-Chereau" system is the current reference in terms of effectiveness for preventing loading-bay related impacts. Filed in 2004, this system is the first of its kind to be patented in Europe. Placed at the end of the side rails, the vertical chassis buffers adapt to any loading bay height. Held up by six points along the entire width of the INOGAM body, the sill stops guarantee complete and durable horizontal protection. To protect the framework and side walls effectively, rubber stops are incorporated into the pillars along the entire height of the quarter panel.

3. Side walls that stand up to any test.
Designed on the basis of crash test feedback, reinforcements incorporated into the entire rear area of the side walls allow them to absorb any shock waves. The side walls are secured to the framework by longitudinal threaded joints, making the assembly even more rigid. Special additional fabrics limit side wall distortion in the buffer and handle impact zone when the doors are opened at 270°.
4. Invulnerable bottom walls.
A steel envelope protects the floor structure over the entire width of the rear zone. A flexible rubber gasket provides a thermal break between the body bottom wall and the rear quarter panel sill. The bottom walls consist of an insulating assembly, special timbers, resins and single-piece plywood. This tried and tested technology adapts to all needs: polyester clevis, vacuum-bonded alloy, duckboards, removable bottom walls, etc. The structure reinforcements are positioned according to operating constraints with a perforating strength of several tones per square meter.
5. The best polyester materials.
All the tests prove it: polyester is the most powerful composite material for refrigerating bodies. Solid and strong with excellent isothermal performance, resistant to marking and both internal and external impacts, easy to maintain and repair, polyester also guarantees high levels of hygiene. The materials we use for manufacturing are compatible with all industrial cleaning agents used in the agri-food industry.

6. Ergonomic openings and partitions.
The INOGAM body outside exits are available in multiple versions. The rear walls are equipped with doors with 2, 3 or 4 folding sections with crimped gasket seals that have 7 sealing lips. The range has also been developed to accommodate an isothermal curtain, possibly assisted with automatic rising, or an isothermal tailgate. The side doors, which may be of the sliding or flap type and either single or double, are positioned exactly where the user wants them. All partition types are possible: fixed or mobile, longitudinal or transversal, etc. Access is facilitated by a wide choice of work-stands, which are fully secured during use.
7. Millimetric assembly.
The shape of the INOGAM body components (bottom wall, headlining, side walls and front face), the process of fitting them and final assembly guarantee very high mechanical strength as well effective sealing and the absence of a thermal bridge. Very special care is taken with the front face, which supports the load of the refrigerating unit and pallet impacts during loading: it is made using a process that eliminates any risk of separation.

8. Integral stowage.
 The diversity of freight requires varied and ergonomic stowage solutions. All INOGAM bodies can be equipped with embedded rails over the entire length and height, which permit stowage on two levels in particular. The chocking, hanging and lifting equipment combines reliability with safety. Permanent research means new solutions are developed to support customization and ease of operation.

CHEREAU builds

  • reefer semi trailers 
  • reefer bodies and reefer trailers