Historical heritage and achievements of Demarko

Polish company Demarko Komarec Sp. J. - one of the leading producers of trailers and semitrailers for the transport of oversize cargo.
Having cutting-edge technology and good technical knowledge, the company has been producing since 1989 special-purpose vehicles, produced for individual orders of the customers. The company's experience includes more than 600 produced units of special vehicles.

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The aim of the company - is to optimally fulfill the requirements of the transport industry, design innovative constructions and implement them. Computer technology has revolutionized and redefined designing possibilities. Using appropriate programs specialist of the company can create a virtual trailers and semitrailers models and first of all, simulate load capacity, dimensions and proportions in order to check their correctness and consistency..

Key benefits of brand Demarko

The production process of trailers clearly set and consists of successive steps:
Heat, forming and mechanical treatment: Treatment of steel with high strength parameters using cutting-edge CNC controlled machines, providing high precision and repeatability according to standards PN-EN 30123 KL. I

Welding: DEMARKO - is one of the group I plants, certified with welding standard Pn-m-69009. The metalworkers and welders have the highest possible certificates, which translate into incalculable advantages in terms of the quality and safety standards of customer's special-purpose semitrailers.

Surface treatment: The accurate treatment is of the highest standard, not only regarding anti-corrosion protection (grit blasting and metallization) but also finishing with the latest painting system (primer and two components coating).

Final assembly and quality tests: the assembly team, consisting of electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic engineers, equip the semitrailer in all ordered units, which are checked point by point and tested before releasing the product to the final customer.
  • Professional advice and consultations regarding the choice of semitrailers and trailers for the transport of oversize cargo, taking into account the conditions and method of operation by the customer.
  • Taking into account the individual needs of each customer, a highly skilled team of experts creates customized models of vehicles.
  • Company offers semitrailers having from 2 to 8 axles. Structures, that can be expended one, two, three and even four times enable their users to get the total length of the loading area bed exceeding 40 m. The most extended semitrailers are as much as 3-5 m wide.  This makes it even more opportunities to make the perfect offer for the customer. 
The company considers what individual solution would allow its customer to achieve significant competitive advantage.

DEMARKO builds

  • low loading semitrailers ST series
  • low loading semitrailers LD series (with lowered loading floor) 
  • platform semitrailers series PL