Historical heritage and achievements of O.ME.P.S.

O.ME.P.S. Srl is one of the largest European manufacturers of lightweight aluminium alloy dry bulk tankers. The company is located in the Italian city of Battipaglia and covers an area of 25 000 m2.

Since 1997 O.ME.P.S. has been involved in service activities for the transport by tank tankers and in 1999 when they took a great step towards the manufacturing of silo trailers in light alloy to transport powder and loose products. Such a choice of great responsibility turned out to be winning. In a short time sales network has spread to Eastern Europe and the Western Asia.

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Dry bulk pressure tankers are quite unique. A lot of people may just think that a tanker is a tanker, but there are totally different designs, concepts and features, as well as different regulations, because we are dealing with pressure. О.ME.P.S. tankers are very different to others on the market thanks to a number of world patents that helps to maintain O.ME.P.S’s position as a leader in modern technology. O.ME.P.S. builds a full range of non-tipping dry bulk tankers and a range of tipping tankers. In addition, the company is dealing with the installing of diesel and electric compressors and provides its customers with maintenance in specialized service centers. 
O.ME.P.S. cement bulk semitrailers can transport powder mixtures, cement, quartz sand, coal dust and many other bulk materials. Tipping silo semitrailers of this brand are designed for flour, fodder and sugar transport. O.ME.P.S. silo semitrailers offer for the customers wide model range, which allows choosing one or another modification of vehicles for own needs.
Silo semitrailers of Italian brand O.ME.P.S. are reliable and safe vehicles for bulk goods transportation on public roads. They are characterized by impeccable quality, high security, excellent running characteristics and long service life. All trucks of brand O.ME.P.S. are officially certified and produced according to all necessary requirements. Before selling all the vehicles are tested in the factory by using special tools and equipment.
O.ME.P.S. Srl builds only aluminium dry bulk tankers. Even in countries where the roads are very arduous, with many of them dirt roads, the tankers have a reputation for standing up to the test. The manufacturer consider his products having the best quality design and finish in Europe and these tankers are working in some of the harshest conditions such as is experienced in countries like Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, South America and African continent.

The fact that O.ME.P.S. Srl is present in so many different countries shows its flexibility in tailoring its output to a country's specific needs, legislation and conditions.
Company had such a successful run, thanks to its industrial policy that is directed towards the highest quality products and customer satisfaction, as well as its constant check system.

The main advantage of aluminium is found in the tare weight savings, something that transport operators quickly transform into increased payload and extra revenue!
Moreover O.ME.P.S. Srl bases its reputation on impeccable standards, highly flexible services and absolute quality, which is guaranteed by a constant checking of the manufacturing process. There are over 80 staff currently employed by O.ME.P.S. and their competencies and skill levels are certified to the standards of Uni En ISO 9001 and Vision 2000 with IQNET and CSQ.

Main principles of O.ME.P.S.

The tenacity of Mr. Vincenzo Munzio, the founder and sole Director, turned a brilliant intuition into reality. Today O.ME.P.S. is one of the most important businesses, providing the operator with a complete and valid activity of production and assistance. The same tenacity shown by the personnel, the managerial staff and the whole Company to share and put into practice their own values of efficiency and transparency towards the Customers.
The competence has characterized the O.ME.P.S. products and services since the very beginning. Skilled workers, composing a reliable and qualified personnel, are responsible for every single production phase. Thanks to such a competence O.ME.P.S. can offer the Customers an optimal quality-price ratio. The choice of highly competitive materials, belonging to by the best brands and used to manufacture the silo trailers, allow improving the mechanical performances, drastically reducing the maintenance costs.
The innovation is the key of the O.ME.P.S. success.  The desire to enhance the innovation deeply changed the initial structure of the Company by increasing its horizons. Furthermore, the innovation has characterized the most important choices in the O.ME.P.S. silo trailers manufacturing. The light alloys are used to reduce the weight and to increase the load, the high-tech design to upgrade the volume, the streamlined shapes are planned to favor the aerodynamic flows. Everything has been designed and carried out to satisfy all the requirements of the final users.

The innovation aimed to the efficiency is the O.ME.P.S. philosophy and represents the strong link to the future.

Key benefits of company O.ME.P.S. Srl

  • The quality of products meets European quality standards.
  • Standard warranty 2 years for the tanker + 1 year factory warranty for other accessories.
  • Reinforced tank construction, adapted for the Ukrainian roads.
  • Low empty weight - 4600 kg by the tank capacity 39000 L.
  • Small dimensions (especially important feature for traffic within the city).
  • Axles BPW OFF ROAD with ADDITIONAL package for difficult road conditions or SAF Intradisc OFF ROAD, brake system WABCO.
  • The use of high-tech equipment for 3-D modeling and design of semitrailer.
  • Use of high-quality welding equipment and equipment for painting, as a result it is a perfect quality of the weld joint and paint.
  • Using of components of high quality (discharge hoses, most components made of stainless steel (hose tubes, main air line, discharge pipe for food stuff), brake system, tires, discs etc. from prime European producers, such as Alcoa, Continental, Pirelli etc.)
  • Landing legs of brand JOST.
  • Practicable and accessible manholes, which are opened in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Accessible tool box at the rear of semitrailer, lockable.
  • Accessible folding handrails, lifting is with help of pneumatic cylinder by bottom pressing.

O.ME.P.S. builds

  • rigid silo tanks (premixed products, flour, cement)
  • pellets (wood pellets)
  • rigid tipping silo tanks (flour, sugar, fodder)
  • silo trailers «BIGA» (premixed products, cement)
  • silo semitrailers (cement, sand, fly ash, sugar, flour, fodder)
  • tipping silo semitrailers (plastic, flour, cereals, rise, coffee, sugar)