Historical heritage and achievements of ROHR

On the Ukrainian market of commercial vehicles "Transkonstrukt" Ltd. represents the aircraft refuelers of brand ROHR, which are marked by high quality and manufactured in accordance with all legal requirements and the requirements of the customer and specific of their application.

The enterprise ROHR GMBH is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles for different branches of industry.  Main office is located in Straubing with its over 250 highly qualified employees, thanks to which the company is always ready to offer each customer individual transport solution. With the partial takeover of the Hamburg aircraft refueler manufacturer Kroll in 1995, ROHR was able to increase its product portfolio, know-how and manufacturing capabilities.

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To date, about 15,000 vehicles have left the factory and the current annual production amounts to around 750 units. Appropriate to its high quality standards, it is not uncommon to see even old Rohr vehicles that perform their service on European roads for satisfied customers.
Rohr airfield vehicles and aircraft refueling vehicles are manufactured to individual customer specifications. Compliance with the applicable regulations (e.g. JIG, ADR, GHOST) for international airports can be taken for granted. Besides             hydrant dispenser and aircraft refuelers company ROHR manufactures also Pit Cleaners and vehicles for the refueling of ground equipment.
In the configuration of vehicles there are practically no limits for customer – all his wishes will be taken into account and all the details of the specification clearly agreed. Both the vessel volume and the flow rate functions can be individually determined and adjusted.  The long established Straubing enterprise fits exclusively quality components from reputable FIRST CLASS suppliers.

Key benefits of brand ROHR

  • In cooperation with the customer the company constantly develops the best and most economical transport solutions. Every vehicle is customized the specific user requirements and individually produced by dedicated skilled workers.
  • Permanent improvements in the manufacturing processes, and continuous enhancement and superstructure assortment are important elements of company's success.
  • Many years of experience in the design of vehicles with a combination of innovative solutions.
  • Product ideas are patent protected - also unique in the European market!
  • High standards of quality and perfect customer service under the slogan: « Only the customer is number one, all the rest - minor!»

ROHR builds

  • Rigid tankers for civil operation
  • Airfield semitrailers
  • Airfield rigid tanker with trailers
  • Hydrant dispensers