Historical heritage and achievements of Romex

Company’s, more than 20 years, history was initially related to solutions for milk collection process from farms, in­cluding production and service of complete applications such as milk collec­tion trucks, equipped with dedicated measurement and control systems.

Nowadays, Romex is a manufacturer of tankers, vehicle superstructures, trailers and semitrailers for transportation of: various liquid food products and other sensitive substances that require hygienic applications design, fish, water, AdBlue and chemicals.

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Company offer includes design and production of dedicated stainless steel tanks, silos and constructions. Romex strongly ex­tends production capabilities of certi­fied pressure tanks and processing units for different industries.
Rich experience and knowledge gathe­red during the development of automated milk measurement and collection systems, allowed Romex’s engineering department a continuous research and development in the areas related to flow measurement and control process, mobile and stationary machinery de­sign, bringing technology and know­-how necessary for building various au­tomated processing units and measurement systems for food and other industries.

Key benefits of brand Romex

  • A very high quality of tankers in stainless steel.
  • Romex offer includes dedicated tank superstructures for vehicles and trai­lers of any size.
  • ATP certificates (available tested mo­dels).
  • Each unit being produced is taken under special weight optimization program in or­der to come up with best possible solu­tion, including customer special needs.
  • Tank type superstructures are produ­ced for following versions of semitrai­lers chassis: full frame type and self supporting type. Depending on the transported product and selected chas­sis, design and production can be made almost up to any size.
  • The units can be equipped with heating system of tank or exhaust valves.
  • The units can be supplied with individually calculated thickness of steel and insulation mate­rial.
The units can be equipped with dedicated measu­rement systems, including medium lo­ading/unloading systems, data recor­ding systems and monitoring systems of selected parameters of transported products, such as temperature, oxyge­nation, and many others.

Romex builds

  • tank semitrailers
  • tank bodies and tank trailers
  • tanks and processing machinery
  • measurement systems