Van Ravenhorst

Historical heritage and achievements of VAN Ravenhorst

Van Ravenhorst - one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands, which has long experience in the production of poultry transport. Located in Barneveld, where the Dutch poultry industry is concentrated.

Van Ravenhorst has an experience over 90 years in the design and construction of commercial vehicles for transport solutions of poultry transport - from day-old chickens to broilers and layers, from the transportation in crates to fully air-conditioned with climate control transportation. Even for the most sensitive products favorable conditions of transport are established.

Key benefits of brand VAN Ravenhorst

Van Ravenhorst closely follows the current developments in the poultry industry, because transport is a link in the overall chain. Changes in the industry lead to changes in the transport industry, for example, with the introduction of the modules instead of crates for poultry transporting. Faced with this situation, new requirements for loading or ventilation systems are developed. Van Ravenhorst responds to any changes in the implementation of new systems and flexible solutions, which then can be used to improve existing types of bodies and semitrailers.

Own design department.
The company's engineers use modern technology to improve the efficiency and quality of vehicles. Examples of this are the modern climate control systems, disinfection systems and complex tail lifts. At the same time, these solutions are also innovative. With help of minor modifications and alternative solutions additional cargo space or conducted specialized treatment is created. In addition, the company works closely with a number of international fitting suppliers that guarantee various specialized solutions.

The highest possible service.
The employees provide the best service, starting with a personal design. After the production and supply of equipment the mechanics of the company provide a full service, realizing the importance of continuous operation of customer's transport. For this reason, the company's customer service department is equipped with all necessary and works very efficiently.

VAN Ravenhorst builds

  • bodies, trailers and semitrailers for broiler transport
  • bodies and semitrailers for day-old-chickens transport