Transconstruct offers:

  • Low bed semitrailers for oversized cargo
    DEMARKO - high quality low loaders of all types for oversized transports. The range includes about 50 types of units with capacities from 20 to more than 100 tons - each according to individual customer requirements.
    Semitrailers in configuration from 2 to 8 axles. Structures that can be expanded one, two, three and even four times enable their users to get the total length of the loading area bed exceeding 40 m.
  • Heavy haulage and timber transport vehicles
    DOLL - trailers and semitrailers for oversized cargo and timber transport, also adapted to the extreme climate conditions. They combine the know-how of modern vehicles with exceptional requirements of the various foreign markets, and are an example of the highest quality and reliability.

    DOLL heavy haulage vehicles are classified into five product groups. 
    Platform semi-trailers, semi low-loaders, low-loaders, self-steering trailers and off-road vehicles cover the various requirement profiles for applications in Europe and Overseas. 
    DOLL has also he right vehicle for transport of any kind of wood.
    Besides the proven VARIO heavy haulage series DOLL offers the DOLL panther series with its innovative steering technology and an independent suspension system. In the field of wind energy DOLL relies on the tower adapter, which was specifically developed to transport tower segments.