Low loading semitrailers ST series

Low loading semitrailers ST series are offered in different options from 2 to 10 axles, width 2,55 m, 2,75 m or 3,0 m.

Depending on the requirements, the semitrailers are produced in different configurations: multiple lengthening, widening with any choice of axles: fixed, steering or hydraulically controlled steering, operated by a remote control, with maximum load up to 16 tones. The most popular semitrailers are equipped with 17,5 inch twin wheels. As an option: bottom loading floor 800 mm above the ground in driving position, low profile 205/65 tires provide perfect parameters for special-purpose semitrailers for oversize cargo transport.

Thanks to different types of ramps (aluminium or steel), steel construction supports or many lashings for securing cargo, providing safer positioning of transported cargo, company adapts the semitrailer to the customer requirements.

Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.