Heavy haulage and timber transport vehicles

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Heavy haulage and timber transport vehicles
  • Low-loaders
    DOLL low-loaders are used when heavy, high or large volume cargo, machines and equipment need to be transported. The loading height of these heavy haulage trailers and the maneuverability of the steering are decisive for the use of these vehicles. The construction principle of the DOLL panther trailers with the divided 12 t axles and the independent suspension system particularly proves the advantages. With the VARIO range, a proven construction principle is available that allows specific customer vehicle configurations with extensive options.
  • Semi low-loaders
    DOLL semi low-loaders are designed for a variety of transport tasks. The vehicles are particularly used in heavy haulage transport logistics, in the construction industry, in system construction and in the energy industry. There are two different basic versions of trailers available for this product group. The innovative chassis technology DOLL panther provides various advantages with the divided 12 t axle and the individual suspension system. In the VARIO range, the trailers are built with continuous axles are used according to a construction principle that has successfully proven itself for decades.
  • Platform semi-trailers
    The VARIO series stands for heavy haulage semi-trailers with continuous axles. All VARIO trailers are equipped as standard with air suspension. A hydraulic suspension is also possible as an option. There are specially developed, particularly sturdy vehicles for off-road use in overseas countries with extreme climate and poor road conditions.
  • Self-steering trailers
    The concept of the self-steering trailer series is orientated towards the transport of particularly long and heavy cargo. These trailers are sturdy, stable and easy to handle when transporting, for example, steel and concrete girders, bridge sections or wind turbines.
    DOLL offers 3, 4 and 5-axle self-steering trailers in conjunction with 2 or 3-axle dollies depending on the payload required.
  • Off-road vehicle
    Many years experience in exporting Doll products to overseas countries like Africa and Asia is based on customer relationships that have been existing since the 1950s and that we continuously want to expand. As we are well aware of the extreme conditions in these countries, we can incorporate our knowledge yet into the construction of our vehicles. In this way, the name DOLL stands for robust and durable off-road vehicles and for quality "made in Germany".
  • Timber transport vehicles
    Whichever type of wood should be transported – DOLL has the right vehicle. Whether for long timber, short timber or cut timber, for light, heavy or timber scraps; Doll can supply the perfect transport solution for your requirements.