Transconstruct offers:

  • Standard reefer semi trailers
    In the base specification of reefer semi trailer it is possible to change overall sizes, brakes, axles, tires etc. taking into account requirements and customer wishes.
  • Multi-temperature reefer semi trailers
    In the multi-temperature reefer semitrailers CHEREAU the principle of optimization of useful cooled volume is maximally realized.
  • Reefer semi trailers with meat hanging
    Construction of semitrailer with a reinforced roof and side walls thickness 63 mm gives an opportunity to transport carcass meat, using the hanging systems or laden in bulk.
  • Reefer semi trailers Double Decker
    The double-deck system in a refrigerator body allows using optimally load space and provides more capacity.
  • Reefer bodies and trailers
    The range of reefer trucks and trailers is various according to operation conditions and transported product (distribution truck, fresh seafood truck, meat truck, flower truck, etc.). The bodies can be mounted on each chassis supplied by the customer.