Multi-temperature reefer semi trailers

The principle of optimization of useful volume of the cooled space is maximally realized in multi-temperature reefer semitrailers Chereau. The transversal and longitudinal partitions have become an essential part of multi-temperature transport.

CHEREAU - 3 axles SAF 120 mm.
Wheel base - 7 700 mm.
5th wheel height - 1 150 mm.
Steel rims.
Brake system - WABCO EBS E.
Ventilation system for 2 compartments.
Spare wheel carrier (2 wheels).
EASY-C bulkhead.
Aluminium side guard, EEC approved.
Body INOGAM 260/247.
Side walls thickness – 63 mm.
Roof thickness – 78 mm.
Floor thickness – 138 mm.
Front wall thickness – 85 mm.
Rear doors thickness – 75 mm.
Body length internal - 13 389 mm.
Body length external - 13 600 mm.
Body height internal - 2 650 mm.
Total semi trailer height – 4 000 mm.
Body width internal  – 2 470 mm.
Polyester floor coating.
Plinths and rails:
Steel load securing rail on sidewalls.
Position from the floor – 1600 mm.
Number of securing rails – 1.
Fridge machine:
Carrier Vector 1850.
Installation and setting-up.

Refrigerators with system MultiDeck-C

MultiDeck-С – is an innovative system of Chereau, thanks to which you will be able to run your material at its maximum in every situation.
Needs in multi-temperature vehicles increase as well as those in double-deck in order to offer a tool as versatile, flexible and profitable as possible. However, the current solutions of double-deck transport are hardly compatible with the multi-temperature (boring dismantling and loss of beams). Besides, these solutions allow only a single format of pallet.
Chereau has developed MultiDeck-C, a Multi-deck / Multi-temperature / Multi-format compatible system runnable 100% of time for a maximal flexibility of your logistic.
  • Captive beams, always available
  • New Easy-C partition easy to set up
  • Load on upper deck restarts just after the partition for 62 pallets capacity
The possibility of mixing all types of formats

Our customers benefits:
Rentability: +90% loading rate vs a standard single floor trailer; 62 euro-pallets in multi-temperature configuration; +5% loading rate vs a standard double-deck trailer.
Flexibility: multi-temperature; up to 3 load levels between 800 and 1600 mm high; multi-format: Euro-pallets, pharmaceutical, rolling container, half-pallets, etc.
Customer relationship: no “wild” stacking, 0% of risk destruction and 100% of corresponding delivery; all formats accepted; flexibility to face all kind of demands, even last-minutes ones.
Working comfort: 100% of beams availability = 100% operational system, auto blocking beams, reduction of loading time, reduction of physical injuries versus classic double-decks.
MultiDeck-С is
  • a multi-temperature system (62 euro-pallets in multi-temperature configuration);
  • a smart innovative system with integrated rails and beams (beam distributor with captive beams, always available; beam distributor on the roof facilitates load operation; 3 rails level);
  • a safe system (autoblocking beams; beams can be moved by pair; double-function beams: carrying and stowing);
  • a system without defect (qualification tests over 40 000 cycles and more than 350 hours in lab and several months of running tests).

Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.