Reefer semi trailers with meat hanging

Main and the only specialization of company CHEREAU is a production of the refrigerated vehicles. For this reason during more than 60 years this company developed and perfected unique technologies that meet all requirements of meat industry. Currently CHEREAU equips the semitrailers with three types of the meat hanging systems:
  • Tubular single-rail system
  • Double-rail system
  • Sliding system

Construction of semitrailer with a reinforced roof and side walls thickness 63 mm gives an opportunity to transport carcass meat, using the hanging systems or laden in bulk.

CHEREAU - 3 axles SAF 120 mm.
Wheel base - 7 700 mm.
5th wheel height - 1 150 mm.
Steel rims.
Brake system - WABCO EBS E.
Spare wheel carrier (2 wheels).
Plastic valences with mudguards.
Aluminium side guard, EEC approved.
Body INOGAM 260/247.
Side walls thickness – 63 mm.
Roof thickness – 78 mm.
Floor thickness – 138 mm.
Front wall thickness – 85 mm.
Rear doors thickness – 75 mm.
Body length internal - 13 389 mm.
Body length external - 13 600 mm.
Body height internal - 2 650 mm.
Total semi trailer height – 4 000 mm.
Body width internal  – 2 470 mm.
Polyester floor coating.
Plinths and rails:
Steel load securing rail on sidewalls.
Position from the floor – 1600 mm.
Number of securing rails – 1.
Meat hanging system:
Reinforced roof structure.
LED ceiling lights.
Stainless steel tube 50/60.
Number: 5.
Aluminium protection profile.
Number: 5.
Fridge machine:
Installation and setting-up.

Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.