Tank bodies, trailers and semitrailers for transport of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

For transport and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (propane, butane and mixtures) we can offer steel tank bodies mounted on chassis (volume 13-25 m3), tank trailers and semitrailers (volume 43-58 m3), which are produced according to ADR TRED.  
Pumping system and measuring system placed at the rear part of semi trailers or at the middle on the right or left side.
Bottom valves air operated for liquid phase (3 ") and for gas phase (2").
Mechanical flow-meter with ticket-printer. As option – electronic flow meter.
Brake system with EBS according to European standards.
Aluminium side protection according to EEC regulation.
Frame constructions for trailer or semitrailer in stainless steel or hot zinc plated.
Lift axle. Spare wheel.
Option – hydraulic system on your truck tractor (with installation).

MEASURING UNITS at your choice:

a) LC MA7 with mechanical register and ticket printer

b) LC MA7 with TE550 electronic register

c) ALMA ADRIANE with MICROCOMPT electronic register

d) EMERSON MICRO MOTION F100 with 3700 electronic register

Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.