Tank bodies, trailers and semitrailers for transport of liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2)

Tank bodies, tank trailers and tank semitrailers in steel for transport and distribution of liquefied carbon dioxide are produced according to European regulations (ADR).

Cabinet with discharge equipment at the rear part of vehicle.
Bottom valves air operated for liquid phase (3 ") and for gas phase (2").

External ball valves DN 50 to DN 40 for liquid phase and gas phase, flanged.
Pneumatic suspension. Brake system with EBS according to European standards.
Electrical and lightning system according to EEC/ ADR.
Aluminium side protection according to EEC regulation.
Frame constructions for trailer or semitrailer in stainless steel or hot zinc plated.
Lift axle. Spare wheel.
Installation of pumping system as an option.
Technical specification of tankers according to specific of transported product. The optimal volume of vessel is offered, taking into account specific weight of product and legislative weight regulations of transport vehicles.
Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.