Rigid tankers for civil operation

Rigid-types with tank capacities from 3000 l to 20 000 l. Optional executions for overwing (400 l/min) and underwing pressure refueling (up to 4 000 l/min). Defuelling devices. Fitting cabinet and lifting platform either behind the driver’s cab or at the rear of the vehicle. Optional “PLC-system” for controlling and monitoring purposes.

ТА3 – ТА4

  • Rigid tanker with a tank capacity from 3 000 l to 14 000 l
  • Flow rate performance: from 50 to 400 l/min
  • Equipped with up to three hose reels
  • Automatic tank data compilation
  • Construction as per customer specifications
Rigid tankers with a tank capacity from 3 000 l to 21 000 l
  • Utilization options:
Refuelling of aircraft, helicopters;
Refuelling of trucks and other vehicles;
Inventory supply.

Pump output:
  • 400 – 2400 l/min.

Equipment options:
  • with and without protected driver’s cab;
  • side or rear cabinet;
  • defueling device;
  • valve cabin and lifting platform at the rear or behind the driver’s cab;
  • filter, monitor or water separator;
  • dead man’s switch operated by radio or with cable;
  • hydraulic or mechanical pump drive;
  • activation supported by pneumatics or SPS;
  • self-filling via hydrant system;
  • safety equipments and additional options as per customer’s request;
  • chassis freely selectable.
Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.