Airfield semi-trailers

Semi-trailers with tank capacities up to 85 000 l. Low-profile executions to refuel wide-body aircraft. Fitting cabinet and lifting platform either behind the driver’s cab or at the rear of the vehicle. Optional “PLC-system” (Programmble Logic Controller) for controlling and monitoring purposes. Direct filling via hydrant pit and direct refueling of aircraft via hydrant pit. Easy to operate, low maintenance requirements, low operation costs.

RFS28 – RFS66

  • Tank capacities to 85 000 l
  • Underwing refuelling  with flow rates up to 4 000 l/min
  • Low-profile configurations for driving under wide-body aircraft.
Equipment options:
  • defueling device;
  • valve cabin and lifting platform at the rear or behind the driver’s cab;
  • lifting platform fitted with hose guidance or pantograph for a pull-free connection to the coupling;
  • filter, monitor and water separator;
  • deadman operated by radio or with cable;
  • hydraulic or mechanical pump drive;
  • activation supported by pneumatics or SPS;
  • self-filling and aircraft refueling directly above the hydrant system;
  • safety equipments and additional options as per customer’s request;
  • chassis freely selectable.
Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.