Tank semitrailers

Tank type superstructures are produ­ced by Romex for following versions of semitrai­lers chassis: full frame type and self supporting type. Depending on the transported product and selected chas­sis, design and production can be made almost up to any size.
Offer inclu­des:

  • semitrailers for the transportation of milk equipped with CE-certified milk collection system;
  • semitrailers for the transportation of water;
  • semitrailers for the transportation of liquid food products;
  • units equipped with heating system of tank or exhaust valves;
  • ATP certified semitrailers;
  • special semitrailers for the transporta­tion of fish tanks;
  • semitrailers for transportation of Ad­Blue equipped with CE-certified delivery system;
  • semitrailers for transportation of bitu­men;
  • semitrailers for transportation of che­micals;
  • units with individually calculated thickness of steel and insulation mate­rial;
  • units equipped with dedicated measu­rement systems, including medium lo­ading/unloading systems, data recor­ding systems and monitoring systems of selected parameters of transported products, such as temperature, oxyge­nation, and many others.
Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.