Tank vehicles for gases and liquids

Transconstruct offers:

Tank vehicles for gases and liquids
  • Tank vehicles and containers for gases
    There are the following main groups in the sector of transport solutions for gases:
    • refrigerated (cryogenic) gases LIN/LOX/LAR
    • flammable cryogenic gases LNG/ethylene
    • CO2 (LIC)
    • flammable gases (propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas), butadiene, EOX
    • compressed hydrogen gas
  • Tank vehicles and containers for liquids
    Like all GOFA products the tank vehicles are characterized by a high quality, excellent workmanship and reliability.  The engineering, which is specifically focused on each individual application, guarantees the optimal solution of the transport requirement. By doing so the producer consistently meets all customer requirements.
    The tankers for liquid products, both for chemicals and foodstuff, can be produced in different configurations: semitrailers or trailers, tank bodies, containers or swap bodies. According to product or customer requirements the tankers can be isolated, not-isolated or with rubber lining.