Tank semi trailers

Semi-trailer tankers as a direct discharge for mineral oils
Willig has completely tailored this semi-trailer tanker to the needs and requirements of filling station supply. Suitable for the transport of 1203 petrol and 1202 diesel / heating oil, this semi-trailer tanker can be equipped with or without a dip-stick measuring system. The use of weight-optimized fittings allows us to reduce the empty weight noticeably.
For the transport of 1203 gasoline and 1202 diesel/heating oil, are recommended following tank sizes:
  • gross volume: 40.000 l, 4 - 5 compartments (gross vehicle weight: 40 T)
  • gross volume: 43.000 l, 4 - 5 compartments (gross vehicle weight: 40 T)
Semi-trailer tankers as a measuring system vehicle for mineral oils
Equipped as an AT vehicle with a measuring system, the vehicle can be used for the transport of 1202 diesel / heating oil. With two separate discharge systems, it is suitable not only for the transport of 1202 diesel but also as an FL tanker for the transport of 1203 petrol. 
As standard the following tank capacities and number of compartments has proven themselves: 
  • AT option: 35,000 l to 38,000 l with 2 to 5 compartments
  • FL option: 40,000 l to 43,000 l with 3 to 5 compartments

Semi-trailer tankers as transport tanks for mineral oils
The use of rigid tank body is often unnecessarily costly. This is unavoidable if road conditions or limited maneuverability make the unloading point inaccessible with a semi-trailer or trailer. WILLIG has an economic solution: A two-axle semi-trailer with power steered rear axle. 
Gross volume and number of compartments vary between 33,000 l and 40,000 l with 3 to 5 compartments depending on transport requirements.
Semi-trailer tankers as transport tanks for lubricant oils
WILLIG transport solutions for the transport of lubricants provides for limited mixing amounts, optimized handling, high transport capacity as well as suitability for the transport of many different product types. 
Ideally designed in accordance with ADR for the transport of lubricating oil, motor oil and substances of class 3 and 9, the tank is manufactured with a gross volume of 36,000 liters. There are between 8 and 10 compartments depending on requirements.  
Each inquiry is provided with separate commercial offer taking into account individual requests regarding technical specification of vehicle.